Cathryn Swan is a Brooklyn-based writer-publicist-blogger-researcher-media consultant.

Having worked for over ten years as a rock ‘n roll publicist representing high profile artists such as Patti Smith, Aretha Franklin, Sarah McLachlan, AC/DC, David Bowie, Carly Simon, Clive Davis, and more, and also in her experience as an entrepreneur, activist and blogger, her instincts are impeccable for recognizing a good story, crafting it, and getting it in the right hands – whether that is to media outlets, social media, fans, customers & more. She has handled public relations for documentary films, non-profits, causes, and books.

Ms. Swan has worked with V-Day, the non-profit movement founded by award-winning playwright Eve Ensler which works to end violence against women and girls, for the last six years around One Billion Rising, an annual event held on February 14th in over 200 countries. As a collaborator with the V-Day team, she has handled media coordination, social media, research, acting as talent liaison, coordinating HuffPost blog, and more.

Cathryn founded an innovative grassroots advocacy group, Recycle This!, which worked to improve and change people’s minds about how they looked at waste after then-Mayor Bloomberg cut back recycling of plastics and glass. Over nine years, with the group, Swan organized electronics recycling events, film showings and discussions, spoke at New York City Council hearings, and conducted community outreach. Many of the concepts the group was advocating for are in place today – or headed in that direction. She is an effective organizer and liaison between community groups, elected officials, media and celebrities.

The Washington Square Park Blog, which Ms. Swan created and edits, began 11 years ago with the intention of chronicling the park’s controversial redesign. The scope of the site has expanded to cover the history and events of that park, Greenwich Village neighborhood, other parks, privatization of public space, and NYC issues. The blog has broken stories which have been then picked up by The New York Times, New York Post, Daily News, NBC News, CBS News, DNAinfo, Gothamist, The Villager and more.

Cathryn created an aromatherapy fragrance line, B-girl, which has been featured in ELLE, IN Style, British ELLE, Paris ELLE, Latina, German ELLE, Seventeen, and more; toured across the country selling the line on the original ground-breaking Lilith Fair; the B-girl oils have been sold in Fred Segal and Nordstrom, and online. Cathryn has overseen the look, packaging, creation, publicity, promotional materials, and more.

She is the author of the forthcoming B-girl Guide, a book on living an environmentally and animal-friendly life. Ms. Swan also has previously blogged at Huff Post on public space and animal issues.

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